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Autonomic nervous system ppt

Autonomic nervous system ppt

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26 Jul AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM BY Dr. Lawrence A. Olatunji Lecturer, Physiology Department. AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. The ANS is part of the efferent portion of the peripheral nervous system. Functions. Regulation of heartbeat; Smooth muscle. The Autonomic Nervous System. James B. Parker Ph.D. Physiology 1. Lecture Outline 2. The Autonomic Nervous System. OBJECTIVES: 1. The student should .

Autonomic Nervous System. Dr Dileep Verma. Associate Professor. Deptt of Physiology. KGMU. LectureTopics. Functions of ANS; Effect of Sympathetic. PowerPoint® Lecture Slides. prepared Somatic nervous system. Autonomic nervous. system (ANS). Sympathetic Somatic and Autonomic Nervous Systems . Autonomic Nervous System. Enteric System; Sympathetic Nervous System; Parasympathetic Nervous System. All systems have GVE and GVA components.

DIVISION OF NERVOUS SYSTEM: 1- Central nervous system: a) Brain b) Spinal cord. 2- Peripheral nervous system: a) Cranial nerves Autonomic ( involuntary). Autonomic Nervous System. Ch Figure The ANS and Visceral Sensory Neurons. Terms. Synapse – junction between 2 neurons that communicates the. 28 Aug The Autonomic Nervous System. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Autonomic Nervous System. A. Comparison of somatic and autonomic. nervous systems. B. Anatomy of autonomic motor pathways. 1. Overview. a. I can state that the peripheral nervous system includes the autonomic and somatic I can explain how the sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate .

12 Aug Peripheral Nervous System 2: The Autonomic System. Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD. Professor of Anatomy. Dept. of Biomedical Sciences. 13 Mar AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM CONTINUED Involuntary body functions; Sympathetic & parasympathetic systems. Sympathetic vs. The PNS is composed of the somatic nervous system (voluntary movement) the autonomic nervous system (involuntary control) unconscious control of smooth. Chapter The Autonomic Nervous System. Copyright , John Wiley & Sons , Inc. Comparison of Somatic and Autonomic Nervous Systems. Copyright


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